Hello Africa!

Hello Africa! – Eine Stunde LIVE ON AIR mit Macdonald Chiemezie Nwokeji mit Musik, Kultur, Gesellschaft, Politik und Informationen rund um den Kontinent Afrika und darüber hinaus.

Dear listeners, as an African and a great lover of music and entertainment I am truly committed to entertain you through music from the African perspective. The continent Africa is second to the largest after Asia. The African continent is richly endowed with the greater percentage of the world both natural and human resources. But it is an irony to see a continent that was blessed with so much natural resources suffer under the agonies of war, hunger, poverty, illitracy and political instability.

In any case, I am in a better position to explain to you, why this has been the case with Africa. I also try to inform you in „Hello Africa!“ about most of the relevant issues of our time. For the lovers of alternative cultures, I have no doubt in my mind, that listening „Hello Africa“ in Free Radio Salzkammergut wouldn´t be a waste of time.

It would be also of great importance to remind you, that the Africans are scattered all over the world. For Example in Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, the Barbados, Brazil and a host of other countries. I also play music from these countries in „Hello Africa!“.

Another important aspect of the program is talking with invited guests in the program, about issues of interests, just like I had a great time with this famous Austrian Musician Hubert von Goisern in one of my programs. In case you would like to be guest in „Hello Africa“, this is just simple: kindly write to inform me, so we can create a time for you and our subject of discussion.

In case you have questions, suggestions or criticisms regarding my program Hello Africa, I would be so pleased to welcome your comments, that for me is the only way I can serve you better. We are living  in a democratic society, constructive criticism has served as an effective remedy in checks and balances.

Supposing you have questions bordering you about the continent Africa and the people, the only way this could be resolved for you, is by directing your questions and observations to me, so that you could have it better explained to you in an objective and unbiased manner.

To this end, I must thank you for staying tuned to Free Radio Salzkammergut under the banner „Hello Africa!“, every 1. /3. /5. Tuesday at 21.00 to 22.00 hour.

One love, peace and tranquility to all my fans.
Macdonald Chiemezie Nwokeji

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