La Sobremesa

Maria Guixé aus Barcelona ist in den nächsten Monaten als EU-Freiwillige nicht nur im Bad Ischler Youz beschäftigt und anzutreffen, hier im FRS wird sie demnächst mit ihrer eigenen Radioshow „La Sobremesa – Maria is searching for cultural Diversity in Bad Ischl“ ON AIR gehen. Wer Interesse hat, Gast in Marias Sendung zu sein, kann sich gerne unter melden!

Hi!! My name is Maria Guixé and I come from Barcelona. For the next months I will be in Bad Isch participating in the European Voluntary service. I am working here in the free radio of Salzkammergut and also in the Jugendzentrum. In the radio I create the program called „La Sobremesa“, a place to talk about cultures, language, music, and traveling around the world. Every first and third Friday of the month at 7pm. If you are interested in participating in our program, send us an email at“

This time we will travel to one of the most unpopulated and flat places on earth: North Dakota. We will be guided by Aleix Valls, a Catalan Biologist who has been living there for the past 3 years. We will discuss about food, traditions, landscape… and, overall, cold!! North Dakota is a very cold place. If you want to listen to all the scary stories about the Dakotan cold, stay tunned to La Sobremesa on May 19th at 7 pm.